Knights of Fantom


Knights of Fantom – first play 2 earn Yield farm

Welcome to Knights of Fantom

Knights of Fantom (KNIGHTS) is the native token of the Knights of Fantom. While the market will decide the final price, KNIGHTS will be stealth launched in the Fantom ecosystem with a $20 listing price. The team has devised many use cases for this token and other ways to support price action, including burning initial liquidity, actively managing emissions, buybacks and burns, partnerships and more!
Knights of Fantom, first play 2 earn Yield farm on Fantom Network which helps investors to protect their funds as we provide a transparent environment so that users can use our services worry-free and helps to bring in stable passive income by staking!
Am I safu? 🛡️
  • YES!
User safety is of the utmost important to the team
  • Our project lead will undergo the KYC verification process from the oracle of the Defi world
  • We have chosen to fork from a Paladin-audited yield farm to ensure the highest level of safety
By participating in theKnights of Fantom, you confirm that you are not resident in any country or state which prohibits interaction with cryptocurrency tokens and/or Defi/yield farming protocols and that you understand and accept the risks involved. See the Risks section for further detail on some of the main risks involved. The contents of this document and any part of the user interface is for informational purposes only and is not financial or other advice.
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